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Residential Window Cleaning San Diego Package Descriptions

Simply let us know which package you’d like and we’ll give you a cost for it.


Trust Your Window Cleaning Experts

Do your home’s luxurious assets demand expert handling? Do you expect contractors you hire to be on time?

Can you really trust them?

Is Elite-quality workmanship and V.I.P. customer service important to you?

If you answered “YES, it is!”, then you have come to the right place!

We can help.

We’re ready and eager to handle the professional window cleaning of your beautiful home. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and our current clientele has come to expect nothing less from our experienced window cleaning technicians.

Elite has not only raised the bar, we have set the standard when it comes to luxury service.

You have everything to gain when you place your trust with us;


Clean windows in San Diego


  • Commitment:

Simply put – we arrive when we say we will, unless something exceptional comes up, in which case we ALWAYS provide you with as much advance notice as possible. Then, once we arrive, we do what we say we’ll do. In fact, we are so certain that you’ll be pleased with our promptness, and punctuality, that if we don’t arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment, and we don’t notify you of any delays in advance, we will automatically provide you with a 10% discount on your service!

Advantage : YOU. Your time is precious. We act like we believe that.

  • Experience:

We have been operating as an independent professional window cleaning business since 2005. In Spring of 2007, we changed our name to Elite Window Washing. What this means is that we have probably already successfully surmounted accessibility and/or quality challenges that your particular home may have! In fact – when the newest jewel in San Diego’s urban landscape – the “Baywood Collection” – was constructed, it was Elite Window Washing that was entrusted with the window cleaning of its magnificent houses. In other words, we can care for your home too – whatever size or shape it is! We’ve been at this window cleaning thing for around 12 years now, and we can properly and efficiently maintain the window cleaning at your house too!

Advantage : YOU. No one will ever be ‘learning’ on your home, unlike many other start up window cleaning companies in the San Diego Area…



We have 3 choices for you. Either one comes with your hassle free guarantee.

Basic Package:Window’s are washed both inside and outside. Window screens are washed. Just a quick cleaning without removal of stains or discoloration. This choice, simply takes the dirt off. It’s not too detailed, so if your windows haven’t been cleaned in more than one year, you may wish to consider the following choice

Rates do vary depending on the time it will take to complete your project. Our minimum charge is $150.00.

Premium Package: Our best seller. Your premium package includes window washing of the entire house, deep screen washing and sealing, track cleaning, frame cleaning and window sill cleaning.

Be sure to ask about our specials for residential window cleaning services because we very well may have a campaign running at the time of your call.

If you would like to have a consistent service done every month, every quarter, twice per year or even one time a year…your window cleaning needs will be taken care of with a reasonable price.

Our goal as a member of your community is to provide you with the best window cleaning service possible. We are committed to bringing you the personal attention, reliability, trustworthiness and quality care you deserve. Please feel free to visit the BBB website to view our standing with them by clicking here.

ATTENTION  HOME OWNERS:  Paint-over spray, construction debris or stickers are removed with a professional scraper but if it is determined that your glass will benefit from using a different method, then of course we will use either steel wool or a chemical means to remove the debris. However, these things are not included with any service with the exception of the Premium package.

If you ever feel that our workmanship simply isn’t the highest level possible, and that our efforts to correct any possible problem haven’t resulted in satisfactory improvements, you don’t pay! Are you receiving excellent workmanship from your current window cleaning company? If you’ve recently had your windows professionally cleaned, why not take a minute to inspect the workmanship of your current window cleaning provider, and see how their workmanship measures up?!

Advantage : YOU. Your absolutely “no-strings-attached”, risk-free, 48-HR satisfaction guarantee!


Screens and sun screens (if applicable) are removed, washed with a special solution that degrades the dirt on the screen that will have them looking nearly new, rinsed and re-installed. Our crew is very experienced at removing the most stubborn of screens thus reducing the risk of kinking the metal frames.  But,occasionally, a screen does get bent and our policy is to replace it at our expense. This rarely happens, butpart of your hassle free guarantee, we take care of it without you even knowing at times and before our team leaves your home.

So, I want to get my windows cleaned, what next?
The process begins with a call, email or a text message to the phone number at the top of this web-page, and to send an email, hit the Estimates button at the top of this page. We will ask you a series of questions about your house and windows, and from there we give you an estimate based on the size of your home and the answers to our questions as well as the 2 prices for your different packages

Our superior residential window washing service in San Diego is unmatched. Find out why San Diego trusts us with their most valuable assets by calling and asking how we can help you.

All precautions to protect your property will be taken. Elite Window Washing uses environmentally safe solution and only pure filtered water to clean with.