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Pressure Washing San Diego

Professional Pressure Washing Services


  • Industrial/Commercial Buildings (any architecture)
  • Paver Patios
  • Concrete (Regular or Stamped)
  • Decks/Fences
  • Paint Prep/Removal
  • Buildings/Signs/Entrances
  • Acid Wash and Stain Removal

We powerwash and clean exterior surfaces on Commercial and Residential properties.

Commercial Properties: Apartment Buildings/ Complexes, Townhouses, Building, Stores, Signs, Storefronts, Restaurant, Shopping Centers, Concrete Sidewalks/entrances.

House washing Includes: All Siding (remove stains, mold/mildew, dirt)
Gutters, Windows (streak free), Bug Stains (remove).

Facilities/Property Managers: Cleaning and maintenance for year round quality service. Keep you property looking its best

Homeowners Associations: Building, Complexes, Community areas such as: pool areas, gazebos, decks, fences, entrance ways … keep a clean and professional appearance.

Realtors: Selling a Property? Curb Appeal! Powerwashing and Cleaning is just as important as The interior looking its best. Offering all services to meet your needs.

Builders: Leave your site looking its best to showcase your work!

Retail Store Owner/Managers: Keep a clean and Professional appearance

 High Profile Well Known References

From high profile prevailing wage, large scale projects to the small house; your trust is earned by the words of others who’ve used us.

Just about every site you visit that offers goods or services of some sort will have an area that is intended to gain your trust by attempting to have you believe the “reviews” given by people who you don’t know or can’t talk to. Here is where we shine!

You will be given full contact info of the relevant (similar size property/scope of work) references of our best clients, and also those where we dropped the ball.

The reason why is simple; even though the majority of the time the quality given to our customers is the highest possible, and our teams follow procedure to the letter,  it’s also a fact that there are those times where something went wrong. It is our belief that you should know what we do if and when that were to happen. How a not so positive situation was resolved means more than trying to make you believe we’re better than everyone else.

Don’t worry, there are only a couple of those references.

For an estimate please fill out the estimate form and you will be contacted within 24hrs.