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Commercial Window Cleaning San Diego

Need A Commercial Window Cleaning Service Provider?

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What You Can Expect:

  • Highest Safety Standards 
    • Strict adherence to Cal OSHA regulations
    • Job Hazard Analysis (correctly written and completed within 48hrs)
    • All Required Cal OSHA Company Documents
      • Accident Investigation Program
      • Code of Safe Practices
      • Fall Protection Plan
    • Safety Meeting Minutes
    • Documented Company Protocols 
  • Consistent Results.
  • Verifiable Publicly Known Job References.
    • REAL people with REAL contact information
  • Top Customer Service.
  • Accountability.
  • Expertly Trained Personnel. (Cert cards carried at all times)
    • Certified AWP operators
      • Boom Lifts: 30′-135′
      • Scissor Lifts: 12′-43′
    • SIA Certified

Commercial Window Cleaning Specialists

Every problem has a solution. Every buildings’ window can be cleaned and maintained. Leave the “how” part to us.

We have created a system that not only improves our bottom line, but gives to you a good price, the best results, efficiency and speed that only Elite can offer. All of this while being the most safety conscious commercial window cleaning company in San Diego. Our workman’s compensation claims record is open for viewing. Our record is flawless.

How exactly is it done? 3 words describe it all.

Innovation. Quantification. Orchestration.

Constantly improving every single system in our company by first listening to our clients, prospects and general public; inventing new ways to deliver and exceed; testing and documenting results; and implementing those ways into our business systems. Then refining those systems. It never ends. There is always room for improvement.

We have implemented strategic differences that sets Elite apart from other commercial window washing service companies by basing key business systems that originated with the residential side of the company enabling us to achieve our primary objective; showing and proving to you that we care.

Window Cleaning Safety

Our San Diego area is the home of many commercial window cleaning companies, some of whom do not train their personnel in matters of safety. Here is an example of one such local window cleaning injury that was extremely severe and could have easily been avoided had a safety program been implemented, and their window cleaning crews trained.

If we are saying we truly care about YOU, how can that be true if we did not care about our teams in the field? Every week Elite holds safety meetings. On every job site, before the work begins-safety meetings are held- hazards are identified, emergency procedures reviewed, OSHA regulations are reviewed, and any additional company safety policies not covered by local, state or federal mandate are reviewed and executed.

 Zero record-able injuries as of this writing (05/28/2018). It is our goal to stay that way.

If you would like to sit in on one of our safety meetings, please call our office. We would be happy to welcome you.

Elite works hard at establishing a reputation of high quality results on a consistent basis. These are results that our clients, who are large businesses, property management companies and building owners have come to expect.

Elite Window Washing is a fully insured commercial window cleaning service, 2 million general liability, 1 million commercial auto liability and Workman’s comp. We serve all of San Diego County, and will travel to Los Angeles County depending on the size of the property, and if you are already a client of ours. Our company is unique in that not only do we provide the absolute best quality service around, but anything related to your building’s windows we can create a solution for such as hard water problems, silicate stain removal, “caulk tears”, and glass restoration so you can rest assured that we can and will provide you with the highest quality commercial window cleaning service that San Diego has to offer.

High Profile Well Known References

From high profile prevailing wage, large scale projects to the small house; your trust is earned by the words of others who’ve used us.

Just about every site you visit that offers goods or services of some sort will have an area that is intended to gain your trust by attempting to have you believe the “reviews” given by people who you don’t know or can’t talk to. Here is where we shine!

You will be given full contact info of the relevant (similar size property/scope of work) references of our best clients, and also those where we dropped the ball.

The reason why is simple; even though the majority of the time the quality given to our customers is the highest possible, and our teams follow procedure to the letter,  it’s also a fact that there are those rare occasions where something went wrong.

It is our belief that you should know what we do if and when that were to happen. How a not so positive situation was resolved means more than trying to make you believe we’re better than everyone else.

Don’t worry, there are only a couple of those references.

When you ask for an estimate, you’ll be given proof and current contact information from REAL people-not from someone named Robin R. who doesn’t exist or you’ll never meet.


Methods We Use To Clean Your Building’s Windows:

Elite uses several methods to clean your building’s windows and it depends on what kind of building you have.

For low and mid rise window cleaning: Elite uses waterfed poles with purified water to clean windows that are 6 stories and below.

There are some special cases where a lift will be needed if the glass is in a particularly difficult area to reach with the pole. At times even a lift will not be able to access areas for one reason or another, and if that is the case, then rope decent systems are used, if we can get an OSHA rep to approve it. There has been the occasion where it appeared as though nothing was readily able to access a buildings’ windows, however a solution was found in every single case.

If you have a building that is difficult to clean the windows on, even if you do not choose to retain our company, we would love to meet with you to find a solution to the problem and outline a written plan of action for you at minimal to no charge at all depending on how busy our operations team might be at that time.

Store front: We no longer take on new clients for single storefront accounts. Must be more than one location.

Check us out at the San Diego BBB. Currently we have zero complaints, and hold an “A+” grade. We take pride in the position we hold at the top of that list.