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Window Cleaning In Coronado

Coronado Window Cleaning Services

Are you a homeowner looking for professional window cleaning? Several of your neighbors are our clients, and we take good care of their window cleaning, pressure washing and rain gutter cleaning needs.

Coronado Island is home to some very unique homes. The majority of which have french style windows (usually in a grid pattern) that compliments the style of the house. Several have stellar views of the bay, or of the beautiful San Diego skyline. The type of windows, these french style panes, often take longer to clean than it would for a traditional double hung window (one large pane of glass) if your window cleaner uses traditional methods to clean with such as using a squeegee.

If you have not heard of pure water window cleaning, behold…the wave of the future! For these types of windows, for the exterior cleaning, Elite uses a water fed pole to clean your windows. The purified water go’s thru the pole, and thru a special brush that cleans not only the glass, but also the frames and sills on the outside so much better than traditional methods that the majority of our clients request this method the most. The reason being that not only does the glass get cleaned, but also the frames as well! With traditional cleaning, usually the frame is just wiped down with a rag or towel. This way, everything is cleaned at the same time with no marks at all!

Not only is it more efficient, but it saves about 50 to 60% more time on the exterior cleaning which will lower the cost to our clients, and have our technicians finished so you can enjoy the fresh new view from your home.

So give us a call today, and find out why Elite is the obvious choice to take care of the window cleaning for your beautiful Coronado home.

Be sure to ask about our full package specials for all 3 services of cleaning your windows, pressure washing your home, or cleaning out those rain gutters and even installing Rain Flow so you never have to get your rain gutters cleaned again.

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