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Window Cleaning Horror Story

Window Cleaning Horror Story In San Diego

The $41,764.99 Bill

(Eastlake, California – July 2, 2009)
Like many of your sensible budget-oriented fellow homeowners in San Diego, your neighbor Bob was looking to have his home feeling fresher and more inviting with some professional window cleaning services. After calling around, he was delighted to find a local company that would clean all of his home’s windows for only $160, inside and outside.

What a steal! After all, he had 32 windows,which means that he was getting all 64 windows plus all of the screens cleaned for only $2.50 a window! Bob was ecstatic, and booked his incredibly affordable “professional” window cleaning form one of these companies (we’ll call them “Red Snapper Window Cleaning”) for the following Tuesday, secretly smiling to himself that he had found yet another bargain with his price-shopping savvy…

Unfortunately, things got ugly on Tuesday.Red Snapper’s team arrived at 8:30am as promised, and promptly started setting up. One of the crew, a young man that had never even used a ladder before, raised and leaned their 30′ ladder against the house, and returned to the truck to grab a shiny new squeegee. Unfortunately, never having been trained in proper ladder usage, and because he thoughtlessly placed it on uneven ground, during those 14 fateful seconds that he left it unattended, the ladder crashed down to the ground, smashing into Bob’s 2 year-old Lexus, causing $10,465.00 in damages.

Just then, when Bob came running out in a panic, demanding to know what happened, at that precise moment, a different member of the Red Snapper crew, untrained, uninsured window cleaning crew took a misstep on his ladder, and fell 7 feet, fracturing his leg on Bob’s front porch, and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance 3 minutes later. Thankfully he would end up being okay.

Bob and Red Snapper’s crew might have just had the worst day of their lives, but it was about to get a lot worse.Bob quickly learned from “Red Snapper’s” that they had intentionally avoided obtaining commercial liability coverage and workmans compensation to keep their costs low, and so would be absolutely unable to pay for the repairs to Bob’s Lexus. Red Snapper’s suggested that Bob could sue him, of course, but being a start-up that mainly works under the table, there was almost no money on the books, and Bob would be trying to get blood from a stone by pursuing legal action. Bob’s heart sank.

Sadly, that wasn’t all. A sharp-dressed gentleman from the Department of Labor knocked on Bob’s door the following day, explaining that since Bob had chosen to use a local, uninsured contractor that was not insured with Workmans Compensation, that he had unknowingly assumed responsibility for their personal safety while on his property, and that he would have to cover the 30,000 dollar medical bill for the young man who fell and broke his leg. Turns out he was an illegal worker, too, which created even more legal problems and expenses.

What a horrible experience. Bob’s “affordable” $160 window cleaning service in the end, cost him $41,856.33 and four months of sleepless nights, not to mention the gray hairs and stress on his whole family…

Here’s the good news: This never actually happened. Here’s the bad news: It could. And it could happen to you.If you are using a local window cleaning company without insurance, this could happen to you.
If you are using a local window cleaning company without workmans compensation, this could happen to you.
If you are using a local window cleaning company that employs illegal workers, this could happen to you.

Protect yourself by insisting on dealing with a professional, legitimate San Diego window cleaning contractor, and avoid the nightmares that can become reality in the blink of an eye.


Because washing your windows shouldn’t cost you so much.

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