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The Waterfed Pole

…and safety for all

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With all the different window cleaning associations and organizations, there really is not a reason for a window cleaning company’s crew NOT to be held to high standards of safety training. After all, these organizations offer discounted prices on courses from OSHA and other accrediting authorities on job safety.
However, there is yet another way to keep down the costs of workmans compensation and keeping the technicians in the field and keeping them in good health. Investing in a waterfed pole and DI/RO setup (De-ionized and Reverse Osmosis).
The waterfed pole, if you are not aware of what it is, it is a pole that delivers pure water (100% clean) through hoses to a brush at the end of a pole. This pole is called a Waterfed Pole (self explanitory I know).

How it cleans the glass, is the brush bristles agitate the dirt and other debris on the glass and breaks the bond between debris and glass, with the pure water being the lubricant and also the cleanser, and rinser. There are MANY different poles that are on the market, made from aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and fiberglass.

We all know that as soon as someone puts a foot on a ladder it does not matter if it is 6 inch’s off the ground or 40 feet, there is potentially a situation that someone can lose their life or be seriously hurt. Most companies hold safety meeting every week with their employees or subcontractors. If not, than they should.

Why? Because we also know that the more experience one gets or has, the more prone that person is to be more comfortable on that ladder or in that particular situation, and likely to make a mistake since he/she is not as careful as when they first began with less experience. Makes sense right? More often than not,  more accidents in construction or in any trade are done by people that have many years of experience, and less than those that have less experience. The key to that of course is to always be alert, and that will be an article for a different time.
So. This is the reason why consideration to using a waterfed pole should be given. I know there is allot of competition in the San Diego area, where my company Elite Window Washing®does business and to tell my competitors about a method that they may not know about was something that I thought about, weather it was a good idea or not. If though, everyone raises the standards for all things in our niche, it raises the professionalism, our safety standards, and really…there is enough windows for everyone to clean. The end result is that our customers will appreciate the fact that safety is our primary concern, to them and to the people we send to their home or place of business.
Using a waterfed pole is not the magical answer to safety issues. Of course, there are always issues that need to be addressed for everything we do. Making the investment in a waterfed pole system is one that will change the way a business is run and the customers will love the results.

Using this tool will eliminate the use of ladders sometimes all together. Working from the ground, cleaning windows at heights of 6 stories without the use of lifts, rope decent systems or swing stages- now THAT is a window cleaners dream right? No having to move davits, no more having to tie off for every single drop, much less money spent in lift rentals. The results are actually better then cleaning the glass by hand. Why? Because not only does the glass get cleaned but also the mullions and the frames as well. You won’t need to wipe them down with towels and rags anymore leaving those annoying wipe marks with your rags and have to go over them again with a clean one, making for a longer day.

Your job will be so much faster, at least by 30%.