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Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning Rentals San Diego

by Tory Marino

in Commercial Window Cleaning Articles

Carbon Fiber Waterfed Pole Rentals San Diego

Waterfed Pole Rental San Diego

Are you a professional window cleaner with a building too high for you to reach from the ground?  Tired of slinging that heavy Tucker pole around all day and still unable to get to all the windows you need to?

We have your solution my fellow window cleaning brethren!


Just give us a call, and you can sub out your building’s to us without having to worry about loosing a client. We’ll wear your shirts and only take orders from you.

We can’t simply rent out a pole anymore although we’ve given that a shot it didn’t work out quite as well as anticipated. We can however, take care of the buildings your client has entrusted to you.

If you need references of those we’ve been subbed out from in the past, just ask and you’ll be provided a list of the contractors who’ve used us so you know for certain that we can be trusted.



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