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San Diego Top Pro’s Unite For The New Children’s Museum

New Children’s Museum Inspires Kids and Window Cleaners alike!

Do you remember when you were 8 or 9 years old? How about 12 or 13?  What was it that shaped who you are today?Witnessing the birth of innovation

Most people would probably mention their parents. Some might mention a favorite teacher or two. Think back to what your dreams were. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Are you what you thought you’d be? Did you create what you intended back when you were a youngster? That inspiration, that imagination is the product of how you are reading this article. It’s the foundation for making dreams come to life!

Cultivating and encouraging that creativity is what the New Children’s Museum does, and much more.

The New Children’s Museum (NCM), has been inspiring young people through art for many years with ever changing galleries that are unique.

My company, Elite Window Washing, has been cleaning the windows since they build built the place.

It wasn’t until last year (2010) when my son was born that I began seeing the Museum in a different way.

So much good is accomplished by the Museum for our kids. Every member that works there, their eyes have this “sparkle” when I see how they interact with the parents and their children-its obvious that they love kids.

This Window Cleaner Was Inspired Too!

Since they are a non-profit organisation, I decided to see if I could get it done for free this year. So, I began my mission since I couldn’t do it alone by enlisting some help.

After calling up several peers in the industry, I was happy to announce to the museum that San Diego’s best will be coming to help out too! Noe and Tony of Sky High Window Cleaning, Brian of BC Window Cleaning, Trevor of Clarion Window Cleaning, Justin of Glass Works, David of San Diego Window Cleaning. These business owners won’t be sending out men to do the work, they’re coming themselves!

How It Was Done

Each company present has a unique skill set in different areas that together as a unit will be the most efficient team anyone’s ever seen.

Boom lift operations will be performed on the perimeter of the building, in tandem in some cases with one ground man for each boom.

Water fed pole work will not be performed on this project. All windows will be done “old school” style. Nothing but squeegee skill on this job.

Elite will be leading, coordinating and logistics as well as part of Team 2.

The Results:

The windows were done in RECORD TIME!

We finished the whole museum in only 6 hours! My company usually takes 9 to 11 hours to complete the project! That was something I’ve never experienced before; the energy was indescribable.

NCM, touching young minds and old hearts

We all believe in what the Museum does for the children, and even though our industry is but a micro-business compared to the movers and shakers of San Diego who are the key sponsors that donate their hard earned money to keep the doors to the Museum open…it certainly feels good to be able to have just a small part in what the Museum does.

Are You Inspired?

If window cleaners can all pitch in and help, why not you as well? Anything helps.

If you would like to become a member then please follow this link to their site and become a member today! You will be doing your part in shaping the world of tomorrow.


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