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Meet Our Team

Meet the Professionals

Do you know who is in your home, or on your property? You should. Elite Window Washing is proud of our professional team. Our employees and subcontractors both are put to some very extensive background checks, not easy to pass these days. We have spent a great amount of time to choose who the best candidates were to be able to give our customers exactly what they want and need before they even asked. With extensive training and equipment certification courses given by the appropriate authorities while following OSHA and ANSI rules and regulations, we know our team is absolutely the best there is. Below you will be able to get to know our residential and commercial window cleaning experts before you even see them in person. Our way of saying “you can trust us”. We are constantly training new members, but until they have completed training and have earned the Blue Uniform, they will not be sent out in the field or have a profile on this site.

We hope you find value in this information and look forward to working with you soon.

Noe Contreras

Noe from Elite window washing

Years Experience: 12

Noe has been trained by the best! Always with a smiling face, Noe’s military training and discipline has made him an asset to the company not just because of his extensive training on High Rise building but because of how he treats people. Noe has been trained in waterfed pole use, an expert in bosun chair work and all manners of high rise window cleaning, boom lift systems and is also a crew leader for our teams.

Noe has received zero complaints.

Tony R.

Elite window washing

Years Experience: 9

Tony is a master with the squeegee. One of the fastest that this company has seen, we had to have him! Tony’s military training and discipline has made him an asset to the company as well. Extensive training is high rise window cleaning and waterfed pole use has made Tony a true professional window cleaner.

Tony can do it all, not just exceedingly well, but makes the whole crew in a positive mood even on long days with his friendly personality.

Tony has received zero complaints.



Adrian Guerra


Years Experience: 1.5

Adrian is a Marine at heart, and shows in the way he carries himself. Never has our organization seen an individual with as much discipline than what Adrian shows. Always polite and well mannered, Adrian has advanced quickly to the position he now holds which is Foreman and Field Manager. Adrian has been instrumental in the continuing development of our operational systems in the field. He has been an invaluable asset to our organization. Adrian has been trained in construction cleans, boom lifts (up to 80 feet), swing stage (suspended scaffolding), and water fed pole delivery systems.

Adrian has received zero complaints.

Adrian and his wife are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. Currently Adrian is attending college to become a veterinarian.

Salvatore (Tory) Marino


Years Experience: 9


As the Chief of Operations and Owner of Elite Window Washing, Tory still loves to be in the field, especially on large commercial projects to make sure they are completed efficiently, neatly and as invisible to the customer as humanly possible. Tory loves working with residential customers where anticipating what the customers expect and exceeding those expectations became the staple of his company and the reason he chose the name, Elite. He has been trained in using all lift systems, extensive pure water and water fed pole training, a contributing member of Window Cleaning Resource Dot Com, and also a member of the WCRA.
Since Elite has grown to become larger than just a one man operation, it became imperative that systems be put into place to be able to continue the level of quality that our clients have learned to expect. Tory has developed several systems for each type of client and job to consistently remain the quality leader in the industry for window cleaning companies in the San Diego area.

Recently the inception of the new Window Cleaning Academy began, and has been a big success to all new hires and those that are still with us. We look to open the school to other window cleaners in the San Diego area, and in 2 years time open it up to window cleaners around the country.