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I need my windows cleaned, who do I call?

I Need A Window Cleaner!

Great. So out of the 400 plus window cleaning companies here in San Diego, which one do you pick? Tough choice.

So Who Do I Choose?

When we go to find a service company, no matter what the service is; landscaping, housekeeping, window cleaning, painting, plumbing…usually we don’t know who to trust exactly. So what do we do? We talk to our family and friends to see who they use and if they can recommend someone THEY trust isn’t that right? If we still are unsure, then we look on the internet, and try to decide out of the multitude on the web. Which is a difficult task, given how hard it is to find or see personality thru a webpage. Weather or not the company is trusted by others, or will even do what they say they will do.

The first thing we can do, while we are searching on the web, is find out to see if the company can be trusted. So how do you do that? A simple Google search with the word complaint after the company name should turn up results if the customer was so angry that they posted about their experience. At times that may not be good enough, as there are many people like myself that does not have the time to write bad reviews and will instead simply never use them ever again.

So, trying to find out who they are or their company can be as simple as checking with your local BBB. If they are not listed or a member, if you call them and ask about the company if they have had problems or complaints, then they will tell you about it.

When you are ready for the next step, give them a call, and send them an email. If they do not pick up the phone, leave a message. If they do not return your call in an hour; call someone else. Even if they are busy and email you later that night, you will at least have another company to compare professionalism to. If they don’t emal you or return your call…keep searching and don’t hire them even if they call you the next day. Why? Because if their communication is that bad at the beginning, you can expect the same treatment down the line, and who wants to give someone their hard earned money when they treat you as tho you owe them something?

So now you have chosen based on professional customer service. Now comes the quality of the work. This really is the easy part. Because, if someone is professional enough to return calls, have nice uniforms, are well manered and punctual…then more than likey they know what they are doing and the quality SHOULD be top notch. Which is why your interview process is alittle rigorous.

One thing you should ask, is if their work is gauranteed. Meaning, if you are not happy, will they MAKE you happy by fixing the problem and if its not remedied, do you still have to pay? The answer should be NO. Not a penny.

So there you have it. A sure fire way to hire a professional service company. I hope this information helps and hope you have great experiences.

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