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Maintaining Self Cleaning Glass Glass manufacturers have been producing self cleaning glass for a number of years now, and since it’s availability and popularity is wide-spread, many are installing these windows in order to save money in operating/maintenance budgets in years to come. Many home owners have purchased this upgrade and installed these self cleaning windows for various reasons. They will still need to be cleaned, and maintained. From delivery to the building site during construction and during the window’s lifespan, it will need to be cared for in a very particular way. If these specific cleaning procedures aren’t adhered to [...]

One of Elite’s Large Scale Window Cleaning Projects Located in La Mesa, California is one of Fairfield Properties’ prized gems. These condo’s are located on Fletcher Parkway between Trolley Court, and Grossmont Blvd. This was the very first time they have had the windows cleaned since the LEED Silver Certified buildings were finished with construction. This project was expected to be completed in 7 working days at 10 hours per day with 6 team members divided into two teams with 1 on-site foreman and one jobsite manager. Methods Used Two boom lifts were utilized for the exterior perimeter of both [...]