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March 2010

Do You Know Your Clients? If you asked any window cleaner specializing in high rise work,  or large commercial buildings what they think building owners and facility managers expect of them, you’ll hear a ton of different answers – from clean glass to insurance coverage. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear it first hand? Well, we did. With a collaboration of many different managers and owners, we found out that what they said was pretty much what the window cleaners’ perspective is. But, more was said by them that gives a very interesting and important look into their thinking. With [...]

I Need A Window Cleaner! Great. So out of the 400 plus window cleaning companies here in San Diego, which one do you pick? Tough choice. So Who Do I Choose? When we go to find a service company, no matter what the service is; landscaping, housekeeping, window cleaning, painting, plumbing…usually we don’t know who to trust exactly. So what do we do? We talk to our family and friends to see who they use and if they can recommend someone THEY trust isn’t that right? If we still are unsure, then we look on the internet, and try to [...]